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Custom Post Types Do Not Allow To Export By Author. Alternative Methods To Export

Custom post types in WordPress offer incredible flexibility for organizing and managing content on your website. However, one limitation that often arises is the inability to export content by author out-of-the-box. 

Why Can’t You Export by Author in Custom Post Types?

WordPress’s built-in export functionality focuses on exporting content based on post types such as posts, pages, attachments, and comments. Unfortunately, custom post types, which are created using plugins or custom code, aren’t inherently supported in the default WordPress export tool. This means that exporting content by author becomes challenging when dealing with custom post types.

Alternative Methods for Exporting by Author

While the default export tool may not support exporting custom post types by author, there are alternative methods and plugins available to achieve this functionality. 

Below, we’ll explore a detailed guide with steps to export custom post types by author using a popular plugin called “WP All Export”. 

Note! To export custom post types by author from WordPress using the WP All Export plugin, you will need the Pro version of the plugin.

Step 1: Install and Activate WP All Export Plugin

   – Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

   – Go to Plugins > Add New.

   – Search for “WP All Export”

   – Click “Install Now” and then “Activate” the plugin.

Step 2: Create a New Export

   – Once activated, go to All Export > New Export from the WordPress dashboard.

Step 3: Choose the Content to Export

   – Select the custom post type you want to export from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Add Filtering Options

   – Add Filtering Options by specifying the element, rule and value. 
   – Click Add Rule
Note! If your current plan is basic, here you will be prompted to upgrade to the Pro version. 

Step 5: Customize Export File

   – Click Customize Export File button and proceed with the settings

Step 6: Configure Export Settings

   – Add Fields and Advanced Options if needed

Step 7: Choose your export type

Step 8: Preview and Confirm

   – Review the export settings and make any necessary adjustments.

   – Click “Continue” to proceed.

Step 9: Run the Export

   – Click “Confirm & Run Export” to initiate the export process.

Step 10: Download the Exported File

   – Once the export process is complete, download the exported file to your PC.

Step 11: Verify the Exported Data

    – Open the exported file to ensure that the custom post types are exported correct.

By following these steps, you can successfully export custom post types by author using the WP All Export Pro plugin.