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Drupal Seed Page Layout. How To Export It In JSON File Format

What is Drupal Seed Page Layout?

The Drupal Seed Page Layout is a template used as the basis for creating new pages of your project. This layout serves as a starting point for creating new pages.

Within our software, we utilize the Drupal Seed Page Layout to simplify the page creation process.

Users have the ability to export the Seed Page from their Drupal website and upload it into our software. Once uploaded, our software utilizes the Seed Page as a reference point to generate multiple new pages automatically.

To upload the Drupal seed page layout to your project you need to export it from Drupal in json file format.

How to Export a Drupal Page in JSON File Format?

Exporting a Drupal page in JSON file format typically involves using Node Export module.

Here’s a general guide on how you might achieve this:

Step 1: Enable the Node Export module

If not already enabled, navigate to the Extend page (/admin/modules) in your Drupal site’s administration area and enable the “Node Export” module.

Step 2: Export the page

Here we have two ways to export the page:
First one: Go to edit the page you need and select Export tab. And click Download button

Second one: Go to the Content page and select the Export nodes tab. Select the Content Type tab for exporting all articles or pages, or enter Node IDs to export specific articles or pages.

How to find the Node ID? Quite simple, just find and open the page you need and  look for ID in the URL

Step 3: Specify the Site base URL

In, create a new Drupal project. Specify the Site base URL where images are located.