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How To Work With AI Spreadsheet Editor: The Ultimate Guide

Working with the AI Spreadsheet Editor is simple and intuitive. Follow these steps to start working with the editor:

Step 1: Open AI Spreadsheet Editor

When creating a new project, you will have “Click Here For AI” button. Click on this button to open the editor. 

Step 2: Sign in with your Google account

Click “Sign in with Google” button. 

Step 3: Create new spreadsheet

Now, as you`ve signed in, you can create new spreadsheet on your Google Drive or select a spreadsheet in your Google Drive. Let`s create now a new sheet. 

Note! If you already prepared the spreadsheet for your project, you can click on “Select sheet” button and select exact sheet from you Google drive. It will open your spreadsheet right in our AI spreadsheet Editor. 

Step 4: Choose an account

After clicking “Create sheet” button, you will need to choose a google account to continue to Simply choose your account, check’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and continue. Then select what can access if needed and click “Continue”. 

Step 5: Start work with the editor

Now you can work directly with the SERPs AI and your spreadsheet. 

Step 6: Asking questions

Simply type in your question and click enter or “Send request” button   

Step 7: Copy or Regenerate

When you received an answer, you can now copy it to clipboard or regenerate. 

Step 8: Copy data and paste it to your spreadsheet

For better copying, you can ask to show the data from previous message in a table format

Now you can copy the list to your spreadsheet

To efficiently retrieve data in tabular form within the chat, you have the option to organize the data into rows and columns. Once presented in this format, you can easily select and copy either entire rows, columns, or individual cells for further use.

To select an entire column, simply click on the header of that specific column. Once selected, the data is automatically copied to your clipboard. You can then paste this data into a spreadsheet for further analysis or manipulation.

Similarly, if you wish to select a specific row or cell, you can do so by clicking directly on the corresponding header or cell. This allows for precise selection and copying of the desired data.

If you need to refresh the data or make a new request, you can easily do so by clicking the “Regenerate” button. Additionally, to clear the chat history and start afresh, you can utilize the “Clean chat” button.

It’s important to note that the chat keeps track of up to 20 previous requests for each project and user separately, ensuring easy access to past data requests for reference or analysis.

Step 9: Autosave

If you click on close button, the link to this spreadsheet automatically appears in the Google Sheet Link input. You can also copy this link and open it in a new tab of your browser.

If you did not finish the project but want to save the progress, simply click “Save” button in the bottom of the page but make sure you have added title of the project and seed page layout. 

Step 10: Further work

After you saved the project, you can now see it on “My Projects” page. Click on you project to open it and then click edit button in top right corner to edit it. Now you can continue working on your project.