Free SEO Tools You Might Not Know Yet


There are so many SEO tools out there, even the number of lists of SEO tools is daunting. Most of them feature the usual suspects. Even the good tools are divided roughly into three categories:

  • useful but paid and expensive
  • free but clumsy
  • owned by Google.

The paid tools are often costly so you can’t use them all at once, they are often either or as they cover the same features. For example the average small business owner won’t pay a monthly fee for Moz tools, Majestic SEO and at the same time just to get their link data.

The well known free tools are often low level and/or ad infested as the owners either can’t afford to improve them or have to compromise their quality.

Google tools are in some cases just showing the data Google wants you to know

so that you buy more ads from them. You have to use them but also should look out for the privacy implications. For example do you really want that Google knows that you own or administer a particular site, especially now that Google penalized webmasters responsible for link buying third party sites?

It’s a pleasure to witness new tools developed that both are high quality and free

or freemium where the free version is already useful and the paid one is good for more advanced users. Here are some of these high quality free SEO tools you might not even know yet. Some of them rely also on donations so be generous.


Anchor Text Over Optimization Report by Remove’em


In case you don’t know it yet Remove’em is a paid tool by Virante that helps you to discover “unnatural links” to your site that may harm you on Google. I have used it for one of my clients affected by a “manual action” penalty according to their Google Webmaster Tools.

Now the Remove’em guys have come up with a very useful free overview of your critical anchor texts.

It’s very easy to spot where your issues are. I have been using that tool to check sites afflicted by the Google Penguin algorithm update too and it’s pretty quick to point out the links that look strange.


On the screen shot above you see my personal blog SEO 2.0 tested which is a special case as I have two personal brands basically and one generic brand (SEO 2.0) while “seo blog” is the apt description of the publication.

As I have never built links artificially to my blog these links can’t be unnatural of course but Google will probably view those in red as over optimized. Personally I don’t care anymore as I have banned Google search on my blog and don’t rely on their traffic. That’s why I can “out” myself here.

Please note that the tool filters uppercase, dots and probably other special characters. People obviously link to me with “SEO 2.0” as anchor text and not “seo 2 0”.


SEO Crawler

The SEO Crawler allows you as the name already suggest to crawl your website and check for issues that can break your onsite SEO. You can check for broken links for example. You can check for duplicate titles, a common issue with many WordPress themes. Even we face it ourselves as the partial screen shot below exemplifies:


Ideally only the homepage has this optimized title and all other pages add at least something in front of it. Adding “page 2” would be a quick fix here.


Free Keyword Rank Checker by


Yes, we at do offer free SEO tools as well. We’re not just selling SEO software to SEO agencies and small businesses we also understand that some people do not care as much to check their rankings, backlinks and such all the time. Also not everybody is on the Internet for business purposes. For everyone out there who wishes a quick and clean way to check

  • local
  • international
  • unpersonalized

Google (Bing or Yahoo) search rankings for a given keyword we have now the free Keyword Rank Checker:


It uses the same algorithm our paid tool does. The only limitation is the number of keywords. Also the use is not recurring, so you have to look up your ranking manually each time.

Unless of course you plan to earn money online with your site and invest some time and effort into SEO, then we recommend to use our paid toolset and dashboard.


Social Crawlytics


Social Crawlytics is a free, donation based tool by the Internet rocket scientists from Rocket Mill that allows you to see which pages from your site (or any other site) have been shared the most on social media. Users sign in by Twitter and get so called “Credits”, simply a number of points to use up.

For each page you crawl you spend one credit, so a project with 200 pages will cost you 200 credits unless you follow all the links on site.

By donating you get additional credits once yours get used up. Large scale projects are possible too but then you need to get an individual offer.


Keyword Concatenation Tool by Found

This tool by the reputable UK agency is basically geared towards PPC but as compiling a keyword list for Adwords is by now more complicated than a simple SEO keyword research this tool is also a big help for organic search campaigns. You just add your favorite keywords and modifiers, for example

  1. free
  2. SEO
  3. tools

and then choose the kinds of combinations aka match types you want to get. I have chosen,

  • exact
  • phrase
  • broad match

as well as “select all” on the “Output permutations”.


This resulted in 36 combinations of the three keywords from above. These are the first nine:

  1. [free seo tools]
  2.  “free seo tools”
  3. free seo tools
  4. [free tools seo]
  5.  “free tools seo”
  6. free tools seo
  7. [seo free tools]
  8.  “seo free tools”
  9. seo free tools

People often indeed use strange word order, so “free tools seo” and “seo free tools” might be both a common keyphrase. On the other hand the last three sound a bit funny, as if someone was looking for tools free of SEO.

Luckily you don’t have to optimize for all of these weird word orders onsite these days

so you will have to sort out the ones that makes sense for you. Nonetheless this is a great time saver.

* Creative Commons image by karramarro.